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Dr. Larsen & Staff,
    I want to thank you from the bottom of a most grateful heart for making it possible for me to have such wonderful hearing aids. They have been more than I ever expected. My hearing is 100% better than before and I am so proud of them knowing every word is so clear.  
        Thank you again,
            Alma V. Whitman

Dr. William J. Larsen, Au.D, FAAA & Dr. Cheryl L. Rhodes, Au.D, FAAA
Doctors of Audiology
We have aided in the hearing and balance needs of many different people over the years.  Here are just a few testimonials we have received from our satisfied patients!
Doctor Larsen & Staff:
    I had to take the time to say, thank you. You may never know how much these hearing aids meant to my father, Elbert Huffman. None of us really. All of his life was in great silence until you provided them. He enjoyed life so much more with them. Again, I say THANK YOU for the gift of hearing.
    Yours Sincerely,
        Anita Zrimsek

Dear Bill and Staff,
Thank you for all you have done to help me hear ! It has made such a difference in my life. You and your staff have been very professional and I appreciate the many kindnesses I was shown.
I know I speak for Cookie as well as myself in expressing gratitude for trying an Audio Q hearing aid. You, Angie, and I all got educated on the software!  
I will certainly recommend you to anyone that needs an audiologist! Have a wonderful year and I'll see you next September.
Appalachian Hearing & Balance:
Thank you so much for your dedication and service in providing me with hearing devices. They are a blessing to me in my professional work, home life and enjoying more of my everyday living.
In my professional life, in the ministry of the gospel, people who are in the hospital, worship and everyday visits do not have to repeat to me what they have previously said. Also, it's been a blessing in the home.
Now, when I watch television, I don't blow my wife out of the room. Before you blessed me with hearing she had to go to our bed room and read while I watched T.V. Also now when she speaks to me I hear what she says and don't have to be accused of having selective hearing, ha ha. My everyday life is just a blessing.
Now I can hear the birds sing and the grass crack under my feet as I walk through the yard and I even hear my signal light switch in my vehicle. What more can I say!
Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
    Reverend, Bobbie Dunford

Dr. Larsen & Staff,
I want to say thank you for my aids and for all you did for me. My aids are wonderful. I can hear so much that I haven't heard before. When I went out to work yesterday, I was amazed, I could hear the birds, the wind in the pine trees, and even two wood peckers! I haven't heard them in 30 years. Thank you all for being so nice to me.
        Betty Puckett
Dr. Larsen & staff;
I wanted to send a grateful "Thank You" for my new hearing aids. I am hearing sounds that I have never heard before, and have been lifted by your kindness.
May our God continue to bless your business and your family as you continue to help people hear and be able to continue your work.  
Have a blessed holiday season-
        With all sincerity-
            Billy E. Hall, Jr.
Dear Dr. Larsen & Dr. Rhodes,
Jack and I would like to thank you for your help with Jack's hearing problem. The hearing computers have made such a difference to him. He has heard things that he has not heard in years.
I am sure that under your wonderful care and guidance that he will be enjoying these sounds for a long time to come.
Thanks again to both of you and your wonderful staff.
        Jack & Judy Burchette
Dear Doctor Bill Larsen:
Thank you, Sir, for the new hearing aid. It was a wonderful gift, and I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  
In this world of indecent and un-caring attitude’s devoid of compassion, it showed me what fine character you possess. Thank you again. I think Dr. Cheryl has a similar character. I like both of you, very much.  
I certainly made a wise choice when I chose your facility for my loss of hearing needs. I can’t praise you enough. I’ve been around a long time. I can spot a phony a mile off. You’re the real thing, both of you.  
I must not leave the receptionist out. She is great and I love her! When I come to your place I’ll say, “It’s where a friendly atmosphere prevails.”
I mean it. All of you are just great!
    Very truly yours, 
        William “Bill” Morgan

Dear Dr. Larsen:
        You may know that James Davidson, my husband, went home to Jesus on July 19.  I want to thank you for your jolly good nature and your patience in caring for him.  Your light banter turned what otherwise would have been torture for him into a pleasant experience.  
May God bless you as you continue to enrich the lives of people by improving their hearing.  
            Maryanne Davidson