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Better Hearing Is Within Your Reach

"Not being able to see isolates you from objects, 
not being able to hear isolates you from people"
We understand hearing loss and its effect on your everyday life. It's caused primarily, by noise, age, or injury. The signs can be subtle and emerge slowly, or they can be more noticeable and come on suddenly. 
Regardless of your reason, we strive to make your transition to better hearing a dignified matter.  

The Signs Of Hearing Loss:

    •  You hear sounds, but have trouble         understanding certain words.

    •  People seem to mumble.

    •  You need to ask people to repeat         themselves.

    •  Men's voices are easier to understand         than women's or children's.

    •  Background noise interferes with your          hearing and speech.

    •  Difficulty with higher pitched sounds         and voices.

    •  You favor one ear over another.

    •  Ringing in the ears.
1.  It is estimated that 10% of the U.S. population have significant hearing loss, including 1/3 of people over the age of 60
2.  Hearing loss is the third most common treatable, disabling condition
3.  95% can be treated with the use of hearing computers
4.  Health benefits include, better emotional, social, mental, and physical behaviors.