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We are the only company in our area with a 
30 day trial period & no obligation within that 30 days if you are not satisfied!* 
What Is The Cost?  

It takes time and dedication to get the best possible result from any hearing computer. That's why we give you 30 days, with no deposit up front, to make sure your fit and needs are met.  Some insurance companies pay for these hearing computers but as most health insurance companies do not cover the cost of hearing computers, we can assist you with a plan that is comfortable for your budget. Depending on what product you need will determine the price. We offer 3 convenient ways to pay as listed below.
Pay in full at the end of your trial period either by cash, check or credit card (there are usually incentives for paying in full that vary from month to month depending on the manufacturer - discuss this with the audiologist on the day of your consultation.
  Pay half down and small monthly payments until your balance is paid off. Interest free!

Pay using your major credit card.

*All insurance companies and personal plans vary from member to member.  This is no guarantee of coverage by your personal insurance provider.  
*If you decide not to keep your instruments at the conclusion of the 30 day trial period you will be responsible for S&H charges